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We inspire heart-centered souls to believe in themselves and the magic in the world, reconnecting them to align with their higher purpose.

Cosmic Coaching

Cosmic coaching is a form of personal development. Our aim is to help you discover your highest self and true purpose in life. Our form of cosmic coaching places emphasis on astrology, taking into account your overall characteristics and cosmic patterns of the planets and stars. We end with a tarot and oracle card pull for you to guide you on your best path in life.

***As of April 2022, we will not be taking any clients until the end of the year. We thank you for your support!

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About Us

We are Daughters of Astraea: a cousin duo from the SF Bay Area celebrating a lifestyle of self-expression, self-discovery, and self-care.

In astrology, Astraea is the fifth largest asteroid, named after the goddess of harmony and justice. Each of our sun signs – which represents “the Self” – is conjunct (very close) to Astraea within our natal charts. Meaning everything that Astraea stands for, holds true to our identity. It is said that the goddess, Astraea left this Earth to become what is now the constellation Virgo in the night skies. And with Virgo as Jerrica’s moon sign and Victoria’s rising sign, we feel that Astraea best embodies the both of us as one.

Victoria is a soul-centered boss babe. Her mission is to help align you with the moon and stars through a holistic wellness practice. She is a certified astrologer and life purpose coach. She completed her 500 hour yoga teacher training in 2020 and uploads cosmic energy guided yoga practices to her Youtube channel. She has always been fascinated by mind and body work, graduating from UC Davis with a BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. She is a Capricorn, Gemini Moon, and Virgo Rising.

Jerrica is an intuitive, heart-led soul and she is a firm believer of manifestation through the law of attraction. She is in the process of getting certified in tarot reading and does free readings on our podcast Daughters of Astraea (on Spotify and Apple) and you can also redeem a free reading when she is live on Twitch (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 7pm CST). She single-handedly introduced astrology to Victoria which started this whole ordeal, and has been studying astrology for over 9 years. She enjoys guiding individuals to their fullest potential by using tarot and astrology. She is an Aries Sun, Virgo Moon, and Cancer Rising.

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