31 Days of No Alcohol


 Why I Did this Challenge

I’m not an alcoholic but I used to drink a lot- almost every day.  I liked to wind down from a long stressful day of work with a nice glass of pinot and enjoy it while cooking a Blue Apron meal.  However, that was all I did when I came home from work.  No productivity.  I would come home, cook, drink, and get tired and go to sleep.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing but for me, I didn’t want to do this every day.  It would be better in moderation.  I just turned 30 and I wanted to see if I can show myself some discipline.  So I created small challenges for myself each month.  No Alcohol month was one of my first mini-challenges and I’ve learned so much from it.

How I Felt

I feel more energized and more productive.  Case in point: After much procrastinating of starting and writing my first blog post, I wrote 3 in one month.  I have more time to read and feel healthy when going to the gym or to the dance studio.

More Pros:

–        Saved money on Ubers/Lyfts because I drove myself home.

–        Saved money on drinks – those wine bottles on the grocery receipt add up.

–        No hangovers!

–        No Belly Fat

The hardest part: The anticipation of people judging me or feeling nervous in an awkward conversation when I’m at a party.


I had many temptations.  I thought to myself almost every week, why did I pick this month.  I went to Vegas the first weekend of my no alcohol challenge.  It was also my boyfriend’s birthday in the middle of the month.  Almost every time I went to a party, lunch, or dinner, I said no to Sake, Sangria, and Margarita.  These are the drinks I love to drink the most!

How did I get over these temptations?

It was easy because everyone was supportive and didn’t ask too many questions.  I thought I would have had to explain myself multiple times and it would be a long conversation.  But I actually inspired others to do it or think of their own challenges.  It was not a big of a deal as I thought it was going to be.

Would I do it again?

Yes!  My personal goal is once a year.  It also got me thinking about what I’m putting into my body.  I want to apply the Marie Kondo saying to everything in my life.  Does it spark joy?  Certain drinks are worth it.  I drink alcohol for the taste, not the feel.  For me, I don’t need to drink alcohol to calm my nerves, or be more talkative, or make myself happy.  What I’m going to do is drink alcohol if it tastes good to me.  If I don’t like a drink, I’m not going to drink it.