5 Easy Ways to Protect your Skin from the Summer Sun

Summer is finally here! There are so many reasons to enjoy the warm air and beautiful sunshine, and most important, take care of your skin while doing so. My intense obsession with protecting my skin of sun damage and aging skin started when I was little. I was lucky because my Aunt was working at a dermatologist office and consistently watched out for my skin. I find these 5 tips simple and easy to remember.

1. Sunscreen – When I was younger my dermatologist recommended Cetaphil, Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50+. When I started taking Holistic Health classes I realized a lot of products contained ingredients that are bad for the environment and potentially worse for your skin. Cetaphil was rated an 8 (10 being the worst) on my Think Dirty app. If you do not know what app I am referencing, take a look at my blog post for more details.

I recommend doing some research because it’s all about your preference. I have oily/combination skin that is sensitive. I tend to apply products to my body with no scent to a natural scent. Scents/perfume in products tend to make my face breakout and most times, unnatural. COOLA was easily accessible to me and can be purchased at Ulta and Sephora. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, contains antioxidant’s and not sticky or oily.

How I use: Apply every two hours – straightforward. If I feel that I’ve been in direct sunlight for too long I apply every hour, which also goes with body sunscreen. It’s great to be aware of the kinds of sunscreen you put on your skin and ALSO environmentally aware; especially sunscreens that are not safe for the reefs. Check ingredients for oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, octocrylene, avobenzone, octisalate. (FYI: Some of COOLA products are not reef safe) I keep COOLA face sunscreen in my bag at all times especially living in San Francisco, which we have inconsistent weather.

TIP: Toss out sunscreen or lotion if it is watery or with lumps, stashed in the hot car for days, and it’s pass expiration date. It reduces the efficacy.

2. Wear a Hat – Wearing a hat can also help protect your hair, eyes and skin from the harmful rays. I love to wear my floppy hat I bought at an ABC store in Oahu, when I’m out on the water, and walking my dogs. I also keep a baseball cap in my car just in case! UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) hats are the best when you’re out in the sun. Check out Wallaroohats (very similar to the one I purchased) and Coolibar.

3. Drink Water – Drinking water helps replenish your fluids when you sweat. By keeping hydrated you are also keeping your skin hydrated (what a concept)! I keep my Hydroflask with me always. This helps cut down on single-use plastic. #GoGreen – I customized mine to look like the ocean.

4. Moisturizer – You prepare your skin before you leave for the sunny skies and you use sunscreen during the summer heat but what about after? Like drinking water, moisturizing your face can also help to keep your skin hydrated! I love using oils at night: jojoba, and sea buckthorn (careful, this oil stains).

5. Body lotion/oil – In my natural skin care blog I mentioned I love using Acure Seriously Soothing line, I use the body lotion. I also use jojoba oil as well If I feel my skin needs more hydration.

Good luck and take care of your skin <3