7 Simple Ways to Pick the Perfect Crystal for You

Let’s find out together how to pick the perfect crystal for you. Especially if this is your first time or you just need a little more guidance. If you want to reset and realign yourself with your highest good, let’s go back to how it all began. It’s been said that the Ancient Egyptians were the first known people to use stones the way that we do with crystals today in this modern age. They mined crystals east of the Nile to use so that they can activate their higher consciousness and have a heightened sense of perception.

So why are celebrities like Lizzo and Shay Mitchell so in love with crystals?

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Image of Shay Mitchell from Editorialist.com with crystals lying on her hair and body.

Here’s why: crystals not only look beautiful and are fun to collect, but there’s a much deeper reason. Crystals can make you FEEL good. They connect with your energy, like when you go hiking and you connect with nature, sort of like a recharge. Have you ever felt nervous about giving a speech? Holding a blue kyanite in your hands while delivering the presentation can ease anxiety. What about feeling anxious at work? Keep an amethyst at your work space because of it’s calming effects. Understanding the benefits of each crystal can help you heal a part of your life.

Image of a blue Kyanite crystal

Once you walk into a crystal shop, it’s like “Okaaayyy, there’s SO many crystals! Where do I start?!” The first time I was in a crystal shop it was beautiful but overwhelming at the same time. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle and you look at all the colorful, different shaped pieces. You’re excited to start but analyzing and understanding the shape takes time to find the perfect one that fits.

Crystal store in the San Francisco Haight District: Love of Ganesha

Any one of these methods below will show you more clarity on what crystal is right for you.

  1. Meditation: Ask the universe or your higher self to call upon the crystal that is right for you. Be as open and receptive as you can. A color or shape might come to you.
  2. Physical reactions: Pass your hand over the crystals and see if you feel any energy from one of them. See if you are drawn to them by sight or a feeling.
  3. Physical Healing: Look for a crystal that is known to heal a part of the body you want to heal. If you’ve experience a heart break, try holding a rose quartz next to your heart.
  4. Emotional Reaction: Gaze or hold a crystal and notice if you feel any emotions that come up.
  5. Don’t overthink it: Look first, research later! Go slow, don’t buy too many at once. Use it for a week and journal on any changes that you’ve noticed.
  6. Chakras – Chakras are energy centers located at the mid line of our body. If you feel like there is blockages in any of the seven chakras, you can choose a chakra to help balance it. Do you feel ready to speak your truth? If not, your throat chakra might be deficient and you might want to grab a blue crystal. Take this test to understand any chakra imbalances you may have. The following is a short list of the central issues for each chakra and its related color:
    • Root Chakra: Security and Safety (Red)
    • Sacral Chakra: Feelings and Emotions (Orange)
    • Solar Plexus Chakra: Power and Will (Yellow)
    • Heart Chakra: Relationships and Love (Green)
    • Throat Chakra: Communication (Blue)
    • Third Eye Chakra: Intuition (Indigo)
    • Crown Chakra: Awareness (Violet)
  7. Zodiac Sign: The last method I suggest is to pick the crystal suggested for your zodiac sign or the sign of the current zodiac season. We love the different archetypes of each zodiac sign. There are crystals that will help you raise the vibration of these traits. Do you want to harness the traits of a Capricorn during Capricorn season? Pick a smokey quartz known for it’s re-grounding energy. Are you a Capricorn that sometimes represses verbalizing your feelings? Then a sodalite, which is known to bring self awareness and express emotions, is the right crystal for you.
Artwork by @t.radz of the chakra system in the human body

Whatever crystal you end up with, you will be happy with your result! Although crystals can’t magically bring whatever it is you want, they are there to support and remind you what is it you truly desire and take action upon it.

Here’s to overflowing abundance and fun when picking your perfect crystal!

Have you thought about buying a crystal? Which method are you thinking of trying?

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