9 Apps for Spiritual Growth in the New Year

You know that New Year’s resolution to limit your screen time on your phone? Well, why not expand that goal to using that limited screen time for spiritual growth instead of mindless scrolling through Insta? Let’s kick those bad habits and use our phone to enlighten ourselves.

1. Headspace is a simple guided meditation app that I love. The voice is very calming and there’s something very raw about his voice. It seems like he does it within one take and that he’s speaking to a friend. The drawings and small clips of the characters are super cute. It’s really great for beginners and I really enjoy the sessions for sleep, anxiety, productivity, and competition. I liked listening to the “Everyday Headspace” which is like a daily affirmation or lesson you learn from the meditation. You can add friends and even set goals for yourself. It also keeps track of your stats including total hours meditated and your run streak, which helped keep track of my 30 days of meditation goal! You do have to subscribe for the full content which I think is worth it.

Cost: $12/month or $69.99/year

2. Unique Daily Affirmations is another very simple app. It’s the first app I open up in the morning to wake myself up thinking about the day ahead. I think it’s the best alarm clock. Instead of thinking about how much that I have to do that day or how cold it’s going to be when I get out of this bed, I’m thinking about how I’m going to dominate the day. The affirmations make me smile and make me feel confident.

Cost: Free! Or pay for All Access which just removes the ads. But they aren’t annoying at all.

3. The Moon Calendar is one of my favorite apps because not only does it tracks the moon’s phases but it integrates my natal chart to help me be more productive by suggesting rituals and self-care acts that help me manifest my goals and intentions. It can even be synced to your menstrual cycle by integrating with HealthKit. The reason why I love this app is because it suggests self-care actions and rituals based on the lunar cycle, your natal chart, and the current cosmic chart.

Cost: Free or $2.99/year to unlock features like viewing past and future dates, daily journal, setting intentions, etc.

4. Golden Thread Tarot is great for a beginner like me. It’s not about reading the future but being self aware throughout the day. This app is like the experienced friend and is very user friendly. The visuals are simple and beautiful. Learning is very easy using the Tarot Database where you can filter by suit, but I think the best way is just to pick the daily card for yourself. Readings can be more complex than the single card draw such as Past, Present, Future or Situation, Action, Outcome and choosing a topic like love or career. I honestly can’t wait to learn more about tarot card reading with this app.

Cost: Free

5. YouTube is used by moi for free at-home yoga classes. There is so much great content out there. Honestly, all I need is the class and no other fancy features that come with other Yoga apps. Although, I haven’t found a yoga app where I could subscribe for more than a few months as the price was never right for the content that I can find on YouTube. Some yoga channels I follow are Fightmaster Yoga, Yoga by Candace, Yoga with Adriene, and Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward.

Cost: Free

6. Timepassages Pro is the best astrology app out there. It gives you the the no nonsense information about your natal chart. You can also choose the visual of the natal chart you would look to see as well as the the important aspects. It provides elemental colors. You can see the current chart and also store your friends and family’s charts. You can also compare relationships with natal charts and see progressions. Anything you want to learn about astrology is on this app. If you want a description about each of the houses, signs, or planetary bodies, it’s all there and easy to use.

Cost: $29.99 or get TimePassages for free and pay $0.99 each for additional natal charts and interpretations or $9.99 for unlimited birth charts

7. Stone has a gorgeous design for learning about crystals and finding one what you are looking for. The crystal images are as beautiful as the crystals in real life. You can search by the name of the crystal or even by how it looks. I’ve gotten gifted with crystals not knowing what they are or where they are for. You can easily skim through the crystals and find your match. You can also filter by what you want to manifest (i.e clarity, communication, and confidence). I love the short descriptions for each crystal. It’s like I’m talking to my best friend instead of just simply a short list.

Cost: Free

8. Saged is like a spiritual magazine. Everyday, there are postings about spiritual wisdom, rituals, self care tools, and so much more. Articles that I would actually want to read about. They are short and sweet because their goal is to minimize your screen time. It’s also a community where you can like, save for later, and ask questions. Let’s face it, I’d rather read these articles posted on Saged than the ones posted on Facebook.

Cost: Free or get Premium for $12.99 month/ or $99.99/year. I feel that the free version is enough for me though.

9. Jour: Journal for Mindfulness is a simple mental check in app. Journaling is like yoga for the mind. Everyday it asks you questions about you. If you are having a bad day, it asks you questions that make you feel happier, calmer, and present. One of the questions it asked me was what was my favorite smell. I’ve learned that the sense of smell if closely linked to your memory. Thinking about my favorite smell instantly triggered me to think of a happy moment in my life which in turn made me feel less anxious about the rest of the day. There are guided Journeys for specific topics you can choose from or you can check in with the Daily Jour which only takes me 5 minutes.

Cost: Free or get the Premium, which in the app says is coming soon

Do you use any of these apps already? What apps do you recommend? We want to hear all about it in the comments!

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