About Us

Hi there! 

We are Daughters of Astraea: a sister-cousin team living in the Bay Area celebrating a lifestyle of self-expression, self-discovery, and self-care through astrology.

In astrology, Astraea is the fifth largest asteroid, named after the goddess of harmony and justice. Each of our sun signs – which represents “the Self” – is conjunct (very close) to Astraea within our natal charts. Meaning everything that Astraea stands for, holds true to our identity. It is said that the goddess, Astraea left this Earth to become what is now the constellation Virgo in the night skies. And with Virgo as Liz’ sun sign, Jerrica’s moon sign, and Victoria’s rising sign, we feel that Astraea best embodies the three of us as one.

Victoria is a 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher and our resident birth chart reader. She is the oldest of the cousins and and graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Neurobiology and Physiology with an emphasis in Human Behavior. She has always been interested in body and mind work. She fuses yoga and astrology to empower you to be your highest being. She leads new and full moon circles for free on her Instagram @victorianicoleyoga and uploads yoga flows to harness the moon energy and tarot card energy on her Youtube channel. She is a Capricorn (with an Aquarius cusp), Gemini Moon, and Virgo Rising. She brings the earth and air energy to our blog!

Jerrica is our resident tarot reader and is a great believer of manifestation through the law of attraction. She does free tarot readings live on @daughterofastraea every Sunday as well as on her Twitch account! She is the older sister to Liz and graduated from San Francisco State with a BS in Marketing and Business and an emphasis in Holistic Health.  She single-handedly introduced astrology to Victoria and Liz which started this whole ordeal, and has been studying astrology for over 9 years. She enjoys guiding individuals to their fullest potential by using tarot and astrology. She is an Aries Sun, Virgo Moon, and Cancer Rising. She brings the fiery energy to our blog!

Liz is our essential oil and wiccan expert. She is the youngest of the cousins and is currently a student at Sacramento State studying Architecture and Design.  Liz has always had a great sense of intuition and attention to detail. Her special interest are musical healing and art. She is a Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Cancer Rising. She brings water energy into blog!

So join us while we take this journey together of our one passion of creating this blog for you!