An Easy Approach to Memorizing The Major Arcana: The Fool

 The first card of the Major Arcana symbolizes new beginnings and a new journey into the unknown.

Astrology: Associated with the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. 

Aries approach to life is known to act before thinking and frequently responds to life events in a spontaneous way. They lack fear and learn by taking risks, but may make the same mistake over and over. Their mindset is focused on the present which consequently leads to the inability to think or plan ahead. They compensate by being courageous and flexible. Aries teaches us to overcome challenges in life the best we can as we are.

Story: A young carefree person leaps to a new adventure. Not realizing the dangers of what may lie ahead.The dog behind may be the person’s guide or their subconscious, supporting and/or guiding them in their new journey.

Keywords: Leap of faith, beginnings, carefree, spontaneity


Relationships & Love: Someone fun and playful may open you to a new world. May only be looking for fun, and not commitment just yet. Enjoy the present moment with this person.

Career & Finances: Start of a new career path or new job. The fool represents an entrepreneur. This may be a sign to leave your current career to follow your passion and dreams. Be wary of investing too quickly, take your time and do your research before investing.

Spiritual Guidance: Be open and flexible in your journey, trust the universe and listen to your intuition.


Keywords: recklessness, holding-back, pessimistic, oblivious 

Meaning: You may not be ready to take the leap into something new, timing may not be right and/or something is holding you back.You could possibly be taking too many risks and it may have led you to a halt. Take a step back and look at the big picture and approach with more caution.

Tarot is an amazing tool to help guide you to your highest good, the best version of yourself and lead you to inner wisdom. Maybe try tarot yourself and tap into your intuition.  Anyone can learn (:

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