An Easy Approach to Memorizing The Major Arcana: The Magician

The Magician is officially the first card of the Major Arcana that symbolizes manifestation and dissemination of information and facts.

Astrology: Associated with the planet Mercury and the 3rd house of astrology, that corresponds with Gemini energy. Mercury also represents air, communication and a way to exchange information. 

Gemini’s approach to life is always looking for something new to discover. They tend to be the ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’, knowing a bit about a lot but never really getting beneath the surface of anything well enough to be an expert. Gemini teaches us to master the mental with intuitive and emotional processes. 

Story: The Fool sets out on their journey and encounters the Magician who carries knowledge of all elements and builds pathways for people to connect. Showing the Fool the tools, resources and energy he needs to manifest. 

Keywords: Curiosity, connection, knowledge, manifestation  


Relationships & Love: Use all the tools and resources available to you right now to help you on your journey to find love. If in a relationship, you both are focused on doing whatever it takes to make the relationship a success, share your goals, and together can manifest your dreams using collective resources.

Career & Finances: You are a master at what you do, your current job is a perfect match for the resources and knowledge you embody. The Magician shows opportunities to manifest more financial abundance.

Spiritual Guidance: Use your intuition to connect to the universe. Your high vibrational spirit will attract everything you manifest.


Keywords: Unprepared, undiscovered talents, confusion

Meaning:  This may mean manipulation or greed.There can be a lack of appreciation for the complexities of life which require deeper contemplation. So take a step back and take your time on things you wish to manifest and plan carefully. You may possibly lack motivation, feel misdirected or unfocused, be aware of the signs and know that the universe has your back.

Tarot is an amazing tool to help guide you to your highest good, the best version of yourself and lead you to inner wisdom. Maybe try tarot yourself and tap into your intuition.  Anyone can learn (:

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If you’re looking to tap into the energy, the Magician, enjoy this yoga practice for manifestation and inspired action: