Desert Hearts Prep

Hey all!

Can you feel it? It’s that time of the year again when we all start to prepare for upcoming festivals and events. This year it will be my first time going to Desert Hearts. I am excited and have been longing to go to this festival forever and now my dreams are coming true! Keep reading to find out more about the beginning of my journey to this amazing festival


A little bit about Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts will be located in the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in CA and is held between Los Angeles and San Diego. This festival is purely dedicated to House, Techno, and love, bringing people from who knows where to enjoy good music. Desert Hearts shares the love for music, art, and bringing people together to form an intimate community. The one thing I’m highly fascinated about this festival is the way people bring out their best outfits and express themselves through fashion! I go to festivals and events to look for inspiration in the world of art and find it amazing that music festivals could bring these interesting and unique personalities together.


The Music

Let’s talk about music. I have been to several Desert Hearts events like City Hearts, Haunted Hearts, etc… The whole Desert Hearts crew (Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion, Marbs, and Porky) put on an amazing show every time I go to one of their events, they also include a lot of special guests/other great artists to their events which makes it even more enjoyable. If you like House music and Techno, you’re gonna enjoy the sounds they bring to the table. Here is a link to their SoundCloud . Give it a go, and let your ears listen to the sound of goooood music. I’m excited about the real deal though, the speakers are hopefully going to blow my mindddd. I am ready for that lineup! Any minute now…


The Desert Hearts crew:

Lee Reynolds 

Mikey Lion 



More information could be found on their website at


First things first: Start planning

Start planning about three months in advance, for me I will be driving down to the festival along with my boyfriend and our friend. We thought this was the best option since flying would be ridiculous –  if we are going to camp, that would mean we would have to haul A LOT on the plane and that’s a no go. You wanna travel smart and whatever works for you financially. For us, it was to drive down. Yeah, I know… 8 hours from the Bay Area all the way down South, but hey, if you have good music, a comfortable car and take turns driving it will be fun. After you find out how you want to get there, that’s when you start making a list of what you’re going to be packing in the bag.

I recommend to others to make sure they get an early arrival pass so you don’t have to stress about unpacking and rushing when the music starts bumping. The early arrival passes means what it says, you get an extra day early to arrive at the festival campsite before others who do not have the pass. I believe it’s worth the extra money to spend on an early arrival pass especially when you are taking a long trip down somewhere and want to make that extra day worth the drive. After you have all of your tickets and traveling plans situated you are ready to start brainstorming for what you will need to bring.

Financial planning is advised, you should bring extra cash on the side along with your cards just in case some vendors only accept cash. I most likely will bring extra money to spend on merch and art or whatever else I may need like emergencies and food.


Let’s get packing

Alright, let’s talk about something useful. So, since this is a four to five-day festival, you’re going to want to pack well, but also keep it light and simple. There’s a lot to packing for festivals especially if you and your friends are going to camp at the festival! Obviously you, your ticket, and money is not gonna be enough to survive at a music festival. So here’s an example of my list, it’s pretty basic but it will go far for most 🙂


The final checkpoint

So you’re finally packed and ready to go! But you need to double check in with yourself and others, communicate with everyone that you are going with to the festival, you wanna make sure also your friends have their stuff together because waiting on people last minute to gather things can be a hassle and at some point very stressful. Now you don’t need to be mom or dad or anything but you should check in with everyone, just make sure they’ve got their basic necessities to survive. Also, I think it’s best for getting your car checked at least a week before you start this trip if you do plan on driving. No one wants to get stuck on the road…So make sure your oil, water, and tire pressure are all good!

I think it is a good idea to plan out what time you will be meeting up with your friends and find out what is the best way to neatly organize and squeeze everything into your car. After that point you’re gonna wanna take that checklist you’ve made earlier for food at the closest Walmart or grocery store near the camp, because you shouldn’t haul food if you have an 8 hour drive ahead of you, you don’t want your ice to melt or cold food items to get all nasty…As of that, you should be ready to go 🙂 I will continue my blog journey of getting to the festival and everything after that!


To be continued…Goodbye for now!