Eight Tips to Avoid Dry Skin in the Cooler Months

Cooler weather brings much-needed family holidays, knee high socks, and warm nights cozying up in blankets watching TV and sipping on tea. It’s no longer a hot and humid summer, but now cool and dry. Our skin reacts to changing temperatures. My own skin runs dry all year long and if I’m not diligent about my skincare in the warm months, then I have NEED to be diligent in the cold months else I could get flare ups of dry itchy skin. So here’s how to avoid that dry skin in the cooler months ahead:

1. Stay away from soapy cleansers. To take off dirt, make-up, and traces of sunscreen, I use Drunk Elephant’s Slaii Make-up Melting Butter Cleanser. It transforms from an oil-to-milk substance upon contact with warm water. You might be thinking how a “balm” could take off my make-up but it erases my waterproof eye-makeup like a charm! I love that my face doesn’t immediately scream for a moisturizer seconds after I pat my face dry.

2. Don’t wash your face in the morning… wait what? When I wake up, I reach for a (reusable) cotton pad and coat it with IT Cosmetics: Miracle Water Micellular Cleanser. How come I don’t wash my face in the morning? Well, I just washed my face last night. Unless, you haven’t washed your pillow in months (or your laundry detergent contains harmful chemicals), your face is not dirty. While you were sleeping, your face was producing natural oils that keep the moisture locked in your skin. Washing your face too much can strip these oils away and dehydrate your skin. And for someone who has dry skin like me, this is a no-no. Even if you generally have oily skin but it’s dehydrated, your skin will try to compensate by producing even more oil.

3. Cut back on exfoliating especially with retinoids and glycolics. Glow Peel Pads by Sephora Collection are great for exfoliation without using those scratchy beads (some brands even have beads that not good for the environment!). The glycolic acid is from sugar cane and does not contain any retinoids. The product is clean at Sephora and I want to note here that 88% percent of the plastic in this jar is made from sugar cane residuals. The outer packaging is made from cardboard from sustainable managed forests and printed with vegetable ink.

4. Use an alcohol-free toner. In fact, stay away from skincare ingredients that contain alcohol all year long if you have dry skin. Some bonus ingredients for toners are glycerin, rosewater, and aloe. I spritz Grace and Stella’s Spray All Day Rose Spray to maintain my skin’s pH and keep my skin fresh and moisturized.

5. Add Vitamin C to your regimen. Recent studies have shown that adding Vitamin C topically can reduce signs of aging and protects from sun damage. Vitamin C is a building block for regenerating muscles, collagen, and cartilage as well as neutralizing free radicals that your body makes from pollution and UV Rays. After toner, I pat my skin with Sephora’s Ultra Glow Serum (clean at Sephora). Make sure the Vitamin C serum you use also contains Vitamin E as it helps keep Vitamin C stable and prevents it from oxidation.

6. Use lip moisturizer and an eye cream. My eyes are the first part of my face to get dehydrated in the middle of the day. Using an eye cream reduces the looks of stress and fatigue. I use a very small amount of Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream and dab it all around my lids, outer corner of my eye and of course under the eyes. What’s special about this eye cream is that the formula contains Echinacea GreenEnvy which is a unique-patent protected varient of echinacea pupurea that contains high concentration of cichoric acid. All of this just basically means that it helps to protect your skin by supporting natural collagen and combating uneven skin tone (those dark eye circles and under-eye bags). For the lips, I use a lip balm with SPF. The skin on our lips are thinner than the rest of our face and could be more susceptible to environmental factors. I reach for the Supergoop’s Mintfusion Lip Balm with Shea Butter that has SPF 30. Aquaphor Lip Repair is also another go-to of mine that I usually put on before I put on lipstick. My lips are usually really dry so at night I apply a Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige.

7. Choose a thick moisturizer made with ceramides. Ceramides are essential for fatty acids that occur naturally in skin but need to be replenished during cooler months. I got one of those free makeovers from Sephora (when you buy $50 worth of products), and the Drunk Elephant Moisturizer Lala Retro Whipped Cream was used for the skincare part of the makeover. I later told my esthetician to look over the ingredients and she was amazed by how clean the ingredients were and how great it would be for my dry skin. She said any type of African oils are a holy grail when it comes to skin care and this one as 6 different ones.

8. Continue using sunscreen. You might think that since the there are more clouds in the sky covering the sun, then you won’t need to use sunscreen. The clouds only protect you from 20% of the sun’s harmful rays. That mean 80% of the time, your skin is not protected. There have been some new products out there that act as both make-up setting sprays AND a sunscreen! I always thought, how am I supposed to reapply by sunscreen every 2 hours without messing up my make-up? Well, here’s your answer. Coola Makeup Setting Spray is a lifesaver. I usually spray in the morning and whenever I leave the office. It’s important to apply and reapply sunscreen even before your commute. Technically, you are not outside, but the sun’s rays can get through those car windows.

Do YOU change up your skincare routine during the cooler months? Do you have dry, oily, or combination of both? Leave us a comment below! We want to hear from you!

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