Energy Exchange

We provide a channel for you to feel held and supported through sacred spaces. 

You are here because you want to make important changes that will help you feel more empowered emotionally and spiritually.

Live Weekly Guidance

What to expect: 

  • Astrology forecast for the week ahead.  Know when the best days for healing, productivity, rest, and communication are.  
  • Personal tarot and oracle card readings for the week or ask a specific question.  Get clarity on your dreams and your next steps to enlightenment.
  • Answers to your astrology questions.  Understand what a moon sign and rising sign is and why it’s equally important as your Sun sign.

Join us live on our Instagram every Sunday at 9:30 AM PST // 12:30 EST for guidance on the week ahead.

Sacred Circles

If you are craving a close and intimate community where you feel supported and can connect to your divine feminine, these sacred circles are for you.  With career, relationships, and busy tasks taking up most of our days sometimes we push our emotions and true passions to the side. 

These circles are held every new moon and full moon, where we can harness the potent lunar energy that illuminates our subconscious and heightens our intuition.  Grab a warm cup of tea, your moon journal, and your favorite pen.  Circles are held on the Clubhouse app.  Feel free to email if you need an invite.

What to expect:

  • Guided meditation, visualization, and breathwork
  • Guided journal prompts and sharing
  • Mini birth chart readings are given to the first 2 people to register for the event
  • Closing Card Pull