Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual

What is a Solar Eclipse?

The moon indicates and tells us what we do with our emotional realm. It affects our emotions, mood, and behaviors. Allow this ritual to help you step into your magic and your full potential during this new moon solar eclipse. For more moon rituals for each moon phase, click here.

A solar eclipse is when the sun and the moon are on the same plane as our planet earth. The moon will move into orbit, blocking the sun’s light which creates that beautiful ring of light. The Gemini lunar eclipse on Thursday, June 10 has an energy that is equated to a new moon x10.

Think back to what events were happening in your life in 2011 when the last Gemini Eclipse was. The same energies are coming up for you in those same areas in your life again. What can you learn from it? What new intentions are inspiring you this time around? In 2011, I graduated college and moved to start a new life. This time around, I recently moved again and starting a new business venture!

During this time, your heart and your mind will be moving quickly. However, new moons are not the best time to take action yet. Cultivate stillness and communicate your intentions in a place of peace. This eclipse has the power to integrate the knowledge you gained 10 years ago into your future.

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Solar Eclipse New Moon Ritual

Start your ritual under the light of the new moon by walking outside to get your mind thinking. Walking under the light of the new moon will spark new inspiration. Instead of focusing on the present, focus on the future.

  • It’s best to walk in the daytime and in a location where you are safe.
  • As you’re walking, think about your most prominent ambitions, then stop and write it down on your phone or your small journal that you brought with you. Do you want to start a business, raise money for a cause, or buy a new car?
  • Continue walking and think about the steps you need to get to your goal. Start small if you need to but be specific. Do you need to let go of certain expenses to save money? Do you need to prioritize your time? Do you need to find help? Stop and write it down.
  • Keep walking and receive any new divine insights. You can stop somewhere and just continue to write, not walking too far.
  • When you’ve come back to your home, you should have a plan to reach your goal inspired by the Gemini Solar Eclipse.

The world is your oyster, it’s up to you to find the pearls.

Chris Gardner, Pursuit of Happiness
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Affirmations for Gemini Solar Eclipse

  • I speak enthusiastically, charismatically, and with great spirit.
  • I channel my words from a larger source.
  • I emit a frequency of curiosity, gratitude, and acceptance.


This guided meditation will help guide you in balancing out your throat chakra and expressing your truth, your greatest expression, and your most authentic self.

Yoga Practice

This Gemini Solar Eclipse yoga practice will help guide you in connecting to creativity and inspiration, a greater part of self, and communicating this with grace. Gemini rules our hands, wrists, and nervous system. Flow with me during this new moon solar eclipse and give these parts of your body some self-care.

Journal Prompts

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Set a timer for 20 minutes and listen to some calming music. Turn to a new page in your moon journal and start writing what comes into your heart. A tarot or oracle deck can help guide you in finding your answers.

  • How can I include more positive vibrations while speaking my truth?
  • How can I slow down my mind and energy?
  • What is something I can do today to nurture my curiosity?

Free Live New Moon Ceremony

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Sit in a virtual circle with us to learn about the New Moon’s energy, do a guided meditation, guided journal prompting, and share what’s in your heart in a safe and sacred space. A tarot card will be pulled to end the session. Join us on Wednesday, June 9 at 6 PM PST // 9 PM EST on the Clubhouse App.

Victoria Nicole is a 500 hour Certified Yoga Teacher and Astrologer. She graduated with a BS in Neurobiology and Physiology with an emphasis in Human Behavior. She has always been interested in mind and bodywork. She fuses yoga and astrology to empower you to be your highest being.