How Cleansing Crystals Can Optimize Its Healing Properties

When I started getting into crystal healing, I kept reading that it’s important to “charge”, “heal”, or “cleanse” them.  I thought to myself, “What does this mean?” and is there a difference between them?”  The short answer, there is no difference.  The best way to bond with a crystal is to carry it around with you, placing it next to you on your nightstand, or even on your office desk depending on what you need from the crystal.  It can help absorb the negative energy from you and from others.  But after some time, the crystal won’t perform at it’s optimum capabilities because of the stagnant energy that has been building within it.  Giving your crystals a quality tune up from time to time will bring the crystal back it’s healing properties. Below I’ve listed 9 different methods of cleansing your crystals.

  1. Smudge cleanse.  Pass crystal through smoke until for 30 seconds or until you feel that the energy of the crystal has been reset.  Remember your fire safety and pull your hair up and don’t light anything wearing loose clothing.  I like to pass the crystal over incense smoke and keep an abalone shell or fire safety container nearby to burn out the smoke safely when you are finished.
  2. Bathing Cleanse.  Hold the crystal under lukewarm water for a few minutes.  Certain stones don’t do well in water so be sure to do your research before cleansing.  As a general rule, any stone ending in -ite (pyrite, selenite, malachite) dissolves or becomes toxic when in water.  I don’t use this method as often because I don’t like to waste water.
  3. Light Cleanse Hold crystal in dominant hand and imagine a bright light white beaming from your energy center (head or heart), down your arm, and to your hand holding the crystal.  Imagine the white light cleansing and carrying away the unwanted energies leaving the stone.  Do this until you feel the crystal has been thoroughly cleansed.  If it’s difficult for you to feel it, you can use this affirmation to help.  “I banish all negative energy from this stone.  Use this method when you feel that you have a lot of energy as you are transferring some of your energy to the crystal.  I use this method only if I have a couple of stones to cleanse. 
  4. Salt Cleanse Pour sea salt into a bowl and then place a crystal in a small bowl.  Place the small bowl holding the crystal into the bowl of sea salt overnight or a few hours at minimum.  Refrain from having the crystals touch the salt as it can cause some crystals to dull overtime or corrode.  When finished, throw out the salt to get rid of the stale energy.
  5. Earthing cleanse Dig a hole in the earth.  Or if you don’t have a backyard like I do, I dig a hole in  pots with soil in them.  Place the crystal in a waterproof box or bag.  Cover it with soil and leave for as 2-5 days or for as long as you see fit.  Crystals are natural formations that come from Earth so it makes sense to reunite them.
  6. Sound healing  You can use any of the following: tuning forks, gongs, chimes, singing bowls, bells, drumming, or high-vibration music found on YouTube.  Using higher vibrations sounds will work to clear away any low vibration energy clinging to the crystals.  Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and we can cleanse their energies with sound in the same way we cleanse ourselves with music.
  7. Moon cleanse This is my favorite method because it’s the easiest. The moon is associated with feminine properties, especially it’s calming effects.  It can give crystals the feminine charge it may need.  Place on a windowsill during a full or new moon.  I refrain from placing them outdoors to protect from weather or animals that can damage them.
  8. Sun cleanse Much like the moon, the sun is another source of natural energy.  The sun provides a strong powerful masculine energy whereas the moon is slower and gentler.  Depending on what type of charge or what energy your crystal needs you can choose which natural energy you see fit.  Some crystals are not fit for the sun cleanse as they can discolor so be sure to do some research before choosing this method.  Examples include, amethyst, rose quartz, and aventurine.
  9. Pendulum cleanse Place a crystal in the palm of your hand and hold a pendulum with the other hand other it.  Begin to create circular motions over the crystal and visualize the stagnant energy swirling up and being released.

There is no one method that is better or worse.  Try each one and see what works for you. Each one offers a different form of connection. The events happening in your personal life along with what is happening astrologically in the stars depends on how often you will need to cleanse your crystals.  Remember, you will feel when energy is being stagnant and the crystal is not working at its full potential. The biggest factor through the process of cleansing your crystal is your intention.  Mindlessly passing your crystal through smoke or burying them in soil won’t do much if you’re not focusing on the intent of clearing unwanted energy from them.  So give it a try!

Which method worked best for you?  Do you have any tips on cleansing crystals?  We want to know in the comments!

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