How to Energetically Cleanse Your Home with Smudging

One of the most powerful and impactful ways to clear negative energy from your home is to smudge.  So, what is smudging?  It’s the practice of burning herbs for rituals or ceremonies that many cultures use to purify or restore the energy. I’ve had roommates look at me strangely when I start to smudge my space, but hear me out!  Smudging will release any toxic energy that is lingering.  PLUS, it can cleanse your own mind, body, and spirit during the act.

When should you cleanse your home?

  • You’re having a bad day. Things aren’t just going right for you today and it seems like everyone is just out to get you.
  • You aren’t feeling very healthy these days or maybe you had a slight cold or a flu.
  • You’ve gone through a break-up or some kind of loss of a romance or friendship.
  • You’re going through a major life change! New job, got a promotion, new business venture, you just got married, you bought a new house, there’s a baby on the way (or a new pet). You want to clear away the negative energy to make space for the new and exciting energy.
  • You’ve been in an argument.
  • You are trying to find inspiration or you have a goal you want to accomplish but you have mental blocks in your way.
  • When there is a New Moon. You’ve finished a cycle of the moon and now you want to clear out old energy with new ideas and actions.
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Different Tools for Smudging

Pick your tool! It doesn’t have to be burning herbs, if that’s not your thing. *I suggest using a smudge spray, a smudge kit, incense, boiling lemon, or lemon essential oil in an oil diffuser.

Remember your safety and if you so choose to use a traditional smoke smudge, make sure your windows are open or you have some other means of smoke ventilation. Do not use near infants, pets, or those with a sensitive respiratory system. And just like any fire, do not leave your burning stick unattended. Use a firesafe container to safely extinguish the stick. A beautiful abalone shell gets the job done.

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How to Smoke Smudge

Begin by lighting a candle and then holding the smudge stick over the candle until you see it smolder (you can blow on it gently if you’re having problems keeping it lit). Be sure to keep the fire container under the smudge stick to catch any falling embers. Make sure that you have smoke, and not fire.

Walk throughout your house or space and move the smudge stick in a circle motion visualizing the negative energy leaving the room in the form of the smoke. Watch the smoke disappear as the negative energy disappears.

If you’d like, you can say this affirmation: I cleanse this space of stagnant and negative energy and allow new space for new and positive energy.

A note about sage and palo santo: Be wary of where you buy your smudge sticks from. Make sure the retailers are organically and sustainably sourced. We recommend MamaWunderbar as they source their products locally and pay homage to Native Americans.

A note about cultural appropriation: The ritual of smudging is borrowed from the Native American culture. It’s important to respect the culture and art of this ritual so that all cultures can enjoy the cleansing benefits.

Additional Methods to Cleansing Your Space

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If you, your family members, or pets are sensitive to smoke or smells, you can also use the following methods to cleansing your space:

  • Add plants to your space
  • Clear your clutter
  • Set an intention and meditate
  • Place crystals strategically around your home. Use selenite in the living room or bedroom to remove stagnant energy. Carnelian in the kitchen for creativity and adventure in cooking. Turquoise in the dining room area to promote healthy eating. Azurite in the office space to allow focus and clear distractions. Amethyst in the bedroom for peace and relaxation.
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Whatever method you end up with, you will be happy with your result! Although the ritual of smudging can’t magically cleanse away negative energy on its own unless it is done with intention.

Here’s to overflowing abundance of positive and ever-flowing pure energy in your home!

Have you thought about cleansing your home? Which method are you thinking of trying? Let us know in the comments!

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