Interested in Natural Skin Care?


Most people refer to the ingredients section on food products but how about beauty products? A lot of well-known beauty products we see on television or what beauty influencers “Use on a daily” contain toxic chemicals and are environmentally unfriendly!


In college, I think, my second Holistic Health class; Human Nature and Global Perspectives, we were discussing how some exfoliating soaps contained tiny plastic microbeads, which go down the drain and into our lakes, rivers, and oceans every day. They absorb toxins in the water and are eaten by marine life.  


It was difficult for me to find information on certain products because there is little transparency in labeling cosmetics. Since –  I have been frantically searching for a website or any information for environmentally friendly and/or natural beauty products. I discovered an app called Think Dirty. It helps you understand the truths in the beauty industry.


Think Dirty helps inform consumers when purchasing beauty products, some products can quickly scan through the app while using your phone. You are immediately notified with the rating of the product and the ingredients. The ingredients are also rated and also gives you reasons as to why they are rated certain scores. I came to a full understanding as to why certain products would easily cause me to break out. Also, my favorite feature is if you scan a bad rated product they give similar options but are rated low (lower the better; 0-10)!


If you would rather pick up items at a store rather than online, I suggest going into your closest organic grocer (Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc) My favorite price friendly go-to beauty product is Acure– Seriously Soothing, which is sold at Target! They source the highest quality ingredients for your skin.

Interested in the options I use for great skin care? Check out my next blog about skin care.