Scorpio Full Moon Ritual

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The moon moves into Scorpio on Monday, April 26 at 8:31 PM PST. The moon indicates and tells us what we do with our emotional realm. It affects our emotions, mood, and behaviors.

With the moon at its full peak of illumination, it highlights the shadows that we kept hidden in the dark. Use this as a guide for your personal moon ritual to tap into the moon’s energy and gain clarity as to where you are and where you would like to be. You can do this moon ritual 1-2 days before the full moon peaks.

PLEASE NOTE: There are reflections, questions, and insights revolved directly around your deepest darkest shadows. This may evoke strong emotions. Consider this before taking part.


When the moon enters a water sign like Scorpio, we become emotionally sensitive and our intuition is heightened. We begin to go deep within ourselves. Allow yourself to feel every emotion and let go. You may need to cry and that’s okay. Once you return, you’ll feel transformed and can begin to reveal your authentic self. During this time, you aren’t afraid to investigate the dark side because you’ve already been through it.

Create Your Sacred Space

  • Find a cozy space
  • Brew some herbal tea
  • Grab your moon journal and favorite pen
  • Bring in a trinket of each element. For water: sea shell, bowl of water, bouquet of flowers in a vase. For fire: Candles or incense. For earth: Plants or crystals. For air: Oil diffuser or feather
  • Smudge your space
  • Anchor yourself with a meditation or deep breaths.


  • Malachite: Activates psychic vision and visualization, keep this close to your third chakra when meditating.
  • Blue Quartz: Gives you courage to face your fears and release frustration, trauma, and pain.
  • Sunshine Aura Quartz: Releases old emotional stories and thoughts.


  • I take time to love and appreciate myself.
  • I take the knowledge I have right now to transform my own reality.
  • I am passionate. I am understanding. I am doing the work to overcome my resentment.

Yoga Flow

With the Full Moon in Scorpio, you can expect to find your power through transformation. In this practice, we bring our attention to the solar plexus chakra, the chakra from which we draw our power and confidence from.

Journal Prompts

Set a timer for 20 minutes and listen to some calming music. Grab a tarot or oracle deck, if you need more guidance for your answers.

  • What is my biggest fear at the moment and how can I release this kind of weight?
  • What lessons have I learned recently after listening to my emotions?
  • How can I get along with the part of me that I view as undesirable?
  • What is triggering me lately? What is it stemming from?

Personalize Your Full Moon Release

Look to your own natal chart and see which house Scorpio 7 degrees is located. You can go to and enter your birth information for your natal chart. An accurate birth time to the minute is necessary to know the which house is activated. In Snoop Dogg’s chart below, you can see that 7 degrees of Scorpio Moon is located in his 7th House right between his Mercury at 5 degrees and Venus at 11 degrees.

  • 1st House: Draw attention to insecurities regarding your vibe.
  • 2nd House: Draw attention to insecurities regarding your survival needs.
  • 3rd House: Draw attention to insecurities relating to your technical skills.
  • 4th House: Draw attention to insecurities relating to your family.
  • 5th House: Draw attention to how you may limit your fun and pleasure.
  • 6th House: Draw attention to fears based on illness or injury.
  • 7th House: Draw attention on whether commitments are scary to you.
  • 8th House: Draw attention to how you respond to taxes and debt.
  • 9th House: Draw attention to your response to spirituality.
  • 10th house: Draw attention to fears regarding your reputation.
  • 11th House: Draw attention to your insecurities with friends.
  • 12th House: Draw attention to how you deal with your mental health.

Full Moon Release

Write down on a piece of paper 3-4 full moon affirmations on what energies you would like to release based on your journaling, tarot card pull, and house activation. For example, “I release feelings of jealousy and insecurity.” Mindfully read them out loud a few times, tear up each one, and burn them in a fire safe container. Be sure to throw away the ashes, do not keep them. And so it shall be.

FREE Live Full Moon Circle

Sit in a virtual circle with us to learn about the Full Moon’s energy, do a guided meditation, guided journal prompting, and share what’s in your heart in a safe and sacred space. A tarot card will be pulled to end the session. Join us on Monday, April 26, 2021 6 PM PST // 9 PM EST on the Clubhouse App.

Victoria Nicole is a 500 hour Certified Yoga Teacher and Astrologer. She graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Neurobiology and Physiology with an emphasis in Human Behavior. She has always been interested in mind and body work. She fuses yoga and astrology to empower you to be your highest being.