Switching From Coffee to Tea: Where to Start

I am fearful of my friends when they do not have their cup of coffee in the morning. It would be a guessing game; a headache, gloomy, pissed off, whatever the emotion or lack of it was always negative. I realized my family members also felt the same when they did not get their cup of coffee in the morning. This realization kept me away from drinking coffee, unless….It was during finals week.

It was my sophomore year of junior college, I grabbed a coffee drink before my music class final in the morning at the schools convenience store. I thought, If I grab a drink has to be flavored, and I love caramel flavored drinks. I tried the Starbucks Frappuccino Caramel Coffee Drink an hour before my final. My knowledge of coffee is that it taste bitter and it gives you energy, which was the caffeine.

After, I started to feel jittery, and SUPER anxious and I called my mom, I call her about any problem I have – lol. She mentioned that I was talking really fast. She must have came to a realization because she asked if I drank coffee. I mentioned I did and told myself I would never drink it again but If I did, it would be in moderation. The drink had lots of sugar too, so that may have been also why I was talking fast. (I grew up in a sugar free/no sugar household). Main thing I took away from that horrific experience (dramatic) I realized it was coffee caffeine.

I never was into tea nor knew much about it. I heard green tea was healthy, it had caffeine and possible beneficial purposes, which lead me to a reason I wanted to start drinking green tea. I either drank in the morning, after breakfast or lunch, and since I was terrified of caffeine I drank decaf. It was until I moved to SF and later got a job at a tea retail store.

What I learned to get you started:

My experience from working at this tea retail store was that people wanted to get into tea, but didn’t really know where to start. They have either heard it’s beneficial and/or tea is less calories/sugar, a healthier option and/or wanted to switch from coffee to tea, mostly because of the side effects of coffee caffeine.

Is there a difference between coffee caffeine and tea caffeine?

Yes, tea caffeine has slightly less caffeine than coffee caffeine. Keep in mind, this is if you are following the recommended steeping time for caffeinated teas. Yerba Mate and Guayusa are a tea stimulant. Think of it as natural energy, you get the strength of coffee without the jitters and downfall effects.

Which teas have the least to most caffeine and which has none?

Below are the teas from the least amount of caffeine to most to none. 








My favorite types of teas and why:

I love white, green and herbal teas.
Adagio and DavidsTea are my two favorite places to purchase tea in bulk.

White tea has the least amount of caffeine, light, smooth taste, has more antioxidants than a green tea and anti-aging benefits.

Green tea when I need a pick me up, I love to drink matcha! Which has more antioxidants, and more caffeine, makes a great milk tea.

Herbal tea because caffeine free teas are HYDRATING. There are so many different types! There are some herbal teas that I treat like a dessert. Yum

Stay tuned for another post about tea!