Three Important Things to Know Before You Travel

About a month ago, I traveled from Oakland to Santa Ana, California for a Tahitian dance competition by plane. Not a long trip, but enough for me to catch the Summer bug. I caught a cold which shifted to pneumonia. It was pretty scary, and if I waited any longer to get checked by a doctor, I would have been hospitalized. After that, I swore I told myself I would do these following steps to prevent sickness while traveling, and of course, share with you all 🙂

Take an immune support a couple weeks before and during your trip. I usually take vitamin C and Echinacea supplements during a trip, but If I am on a budget I purchase, Emergen-C at Target. Targets off brand Up and Up and Walmarts off brand Equate, are more price friendly, and is as effective. Lately I’ve been looking into clean supplements (natural and familiar ingredients) and I always trust Garden of Life.

I recently purchased their Mykind Organics Organic Elderberry Syrup, which has Echinacea plus zinc, elderberry, and vitamin c with no added sugars. This herbal remedy liquid, is the consistency of a medicine syrup, that tastes tart and sweet. They also carry this supplement in a gummy form. Mykind Organics Elderberry Gummy is a vegan gummy and more convenient to take! The syrup has to be refrigerated.

Purchase hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. I purchase Trader Joes Grapefruit & Lemon Sanitizer Spray which has Aloe and Vitamin E. Alcohol in hand sanitizers can really dry your skin, the Aloe and Vitamin E help moisturize, which is a plus!

The disinfectant wipes I always keep in hand are Clorox Disinfecting Wipes from Target or you can purchase at any general merchandise store. Keep in mind, that you will be in contact with many things at the airport, bus, train, boat, etc. that has been touched by others all day, every day.

I saw a video of Naomi Campbell on a plane go viral, and what she did before sitting in her seat was she wiped down every possible thing she would touch, remote, food tray, seat belt, seat, the sides of the chair, etc. She went to some slight extremes but I am honestly thinking of doing the same when I travel on plane!

Eat well, hydrate and sleep. This is obvious, but is important to keep in mind when traveling. My advice would be to plan ahead. If you know you will be out all day drinking, staying up later than usual, out in the sun, prepare for it.

  • Hydrate the day before and throughout the day when spending all day out in the sun!
  • Take a 20 minute nap if you plan on staying out later. If you can’t nap, lay down in a dark room with your eyes closed for 20 minutes.
  • Look up restaurant menus before you head out to eat and plan for more nutritious meals.

Be self aware and listen to your body.

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