My Journey With Astrology

“You are an Aries”. I wondered to myself, what does that mean? Towards the back of most magazines or newspapers, I would see a page dedicated to horoscopes. Depending on what month and day you were born, the stars could determine what may be in store for you in the near future. I always wondered how can someone categorize so many different types of people who are an Aries (March 21th – April 19th) and mention something exact like, “When you see your guy chatting with your BFF on the 10th, you’ll have a tough time keeping calm…”. Many times I would read and do not identify with what they said at all.


It was not until I moved to San Francisco six years ago that I became more interested in Astrology. I am always the first to introduce myself to new coworkers, someone I just met immediately asked, “What is your sign”? I mentioned to him that I was an Aries and he laughed and said, we are going to be best friends, which we did become. How was he so sure we’d be close friends? Andrew is a Leo, which may not mean much to you but Leos and Aries are fire signs which (may) work cohesively together, we understand each other.


While we both pursued our interest in astrology, Andrew started mentioning Moon and rising  (Ascendant) signs within our charts, and this is when everything started to make sense about Astrology.

After you calculate your chart through Alabe, this is where I found my accurate chart or Cafeastrology It will list planets in your chart. What I’ve been diving deep into are the sun signs, moon, and rising signs. Many like myself are somewhat related to their sun sign, this may be because of your moon sign and Ascendant sign.

The Moon Sign represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits, and reactions to our unconscious. It is our spontaneous and instinctive reactions and feelings which seem to drive our personalities more than the Sun does. For more details and reference about Moon Sign visit the link above.  

The Ascendant is the first impression we make on others in a personal rather than professional sense. It represents our physical appearance, our physical bodies, and overall health. It is often referred to as the mask we wear, how we begin a new project and our attitude towards new experiences come under the rule of the Ascendant for more details and reference about the Ascendant Sign.

Anyways, hope that gives you a little more insight on Astrology. Stay tuned to learn more about the different planets in our charts and more in-depth knowledge.