Vegan Food Tour in Portland

Famous for its eco-friendliness, it comes as no surprise that Portland is one of the best places to eat vegan food.

Ichiza Kitchen and Tea House


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Start off with the Golden Water Turtle Oolong Tea which has notes of toasted rice, chestnut, and wood fire.  Our server brought it to us in a beautiful ceramic bowl on top of a hollow carved wooden box, which catches the spilled tea when pouring into the small teacups.

Order the Shu Mai, Turnip Cakes, and Cheung Fun.  For the entrees, the Adobo and Pompoko Ramen. The “pork belly” in the ramen was the highlight of the meal.  It looked and tasted like just like pork belly. Do not skip out on dessert. I repeat. Do not skip out on dessert.  Okay, I think you go it. Get the Sapin Sapin, which is a tasty Filipino layered glutinous cake. The Ice Cream Sundae was served with coconut ice cream, chocolate covered SkyFlakes saltine crackers, and turon – a filipino spring roll with banana, jackfruit and brown sugar.


Farm Spirit


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This vegan fine dining restaurant is farm to table that mainly focuses on their vegetables, growing them and creating unique dishes.  You’ll eat your normal vegetables in ways you never thought of. Like for instance, potato in the form of ice cream and carrots in the form of jerky.  Each dish was a little work of art. I personally love the cute touch of my utensil holder. So fitting, right?

Virtuous Pie


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All Vegan* This restaurant is great for a large group because you can get more pizza and more seasonal ice creams to share.  The Superfunghi was my favorite which had wild mushrooms toppings and truffle almond ricotta. Lastly, grab an ice cream flight with Bourbon Vanilla and Cinnamon Crunch as top picks my favorite flavors.



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Vegan friendly* Grab a Hazelnut Tantanmen off of the ramen menu and try some Bokchoy and Kinoko (mushroom) nigiri.  They also have a Yasai Don that is a chef’s choice of roasted vegetables, steam rice, fried lotus fruit, and just overall yumminess!

Blue Star


Blue Star is a MUST in Portland.  The Passion Fruit Cake tastes like fireworks in your mouth.  It has a bright yellow flavor with cocoa nibs and a little bit of spice.  The flavor it A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I can’t say it enough. My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it.  The other vegan donut that screams delicious is the Mexican Hot Chocolate.


Fun fact about Oracle Coffee: One of the members of Fall Out Boy opened up this vegan coffee shop in 2017.  The oracle emblem centers the back of the shop that has high ceilings and communal seating where there is plenty.  Their pastries are all vegan as well as their milk/creamer options which are soy, oat, almond, and coconut.

No Bones Beach Club


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This tropical themed bar serves traditional bar food, but what’s not traditional is that everything is vegan. If you’re going to bring a meat eater to a vegan restaurant, this would be the place.   The Buffalo Cauliflower Wings and the Poke, which is made out of beets were standouts.



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A southwest Asian inspired coffee house and that serves food that you can ask for vegan.  Their coffee comes from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and India.  If it’s your first time, they highly suggest their signature best-selling coffee called the Kedai Susu.  It is an espresso latte flavored with the house kaffir and sweetened with condensed coconut milk!